Pest analysis for dog grooming

The upfront cost that Groom Ride needed mostly from investor is for vehicle with special pets grooming trailer. Thus, the well business plan with confidence of the founder will carry out the business successfully.

Chapter 8 — Return on Investment As discussed in financial forecast in Chapter 7, Groom Ride need only 2 years to break-even and increase margin. This group of pet owners will be our potential customer and we believe that this will gradually create a market need of pet grooming.

Again with the variety grooming package and promotion, Groom Ride is well ready to enter pet market. Pet owners will not feel anxious to leave their pets in conventional pet shop for few hours even whole day.

SWOT Analysis for Mobile Pet Grooming

List the economic factors and trends in the country including GNP, debt schedules, sources of government income, main private sector employers, income distribution, etc. The grooming price and package offer by freelance mobile pets grooming that do not have vehicle are definitely cheaper than Groom Rider.

The keys of success in our business are: The bonding between owner and pets are very strong and this has increased the market of pet care in Malaysia.

New concept of business is not easy and customer may not feel comfortable The Mobile Pooch Pamperers, This is a potential target market as we are providing mobile pets grooming at their door step. This is the right timing to start a new venture of the first mobile pet grooming in Malaysia.

When completing this analysis, carefully consider various driving forces in the environment, for example, increasing competition, changing demographics, etc.

Pet Grooming Market

Car maintenance, petrol, registration will create some cost to Groom Ride. An accurate time table must be created and Groom Ride is using the latest technology of fastest-growing traffic navigator, WAZE Application, to reduce the time on traffic jam and looking for direction Waze mobile, List the relevant environmental factors and trends in the country including habitat destruction, weather patterns, resource availability, wildlife, agriculture, etc.

This had shown that pets industries in Malaysia is growing rapidly and more competitors are coming 7 into pets market example Pets Lover Centre, the largest pet chain store from Singapore to Malaysia Pets Lover Center, According to Brooksbank R,position strategy is to choose a target market to serve and how we want customer to perceive our service.

Adoption of premium and specialized products has been a major factor fuelling demand in the North America pet grooming market.

Chapter 2 — Executive summary 3. This is definitely a value added to the pet owner that always sends the pets for grooming. There is high demand for pet grooming and this is a good opportunity for Groom Ride provides different service where pets grooming can be done in front of customer place.

Groom Ride founder currently had a van that can be used to pull the trailer. Groom Ride has a unique brand name, logo and special trailer design for pets. Estimated shipping cost for pet grooming trailer https: Request Report Methodology The pet grooming market is expanding at a firm pace owing to the accessibility of frequent moveable pet groomers who deliver pet grooming activities as per the convenience of pet owners.

Access to key decision-makers in authoritarian political systems is also likely to be limited. In Malaysia, Groom Ride is the first mobile pet grooming business and there is no other reference.

Groom Ride can approach these schools and hire graduate groomers during peak season and weekends. Each environmental analysis should be individually tailored to suit the organization and its selected issue. Social media example like Facebook is a must for today business as there is billion of users are using it Facebook for Business, You should then take account of these factors in your planning, and possibly do more research on the factors.

Adoption of pets by single parents or childless parents is likely to create opportunities of growth for the pet grooming market over the forecast period. Cultural and Social Constructs Some cultures and social groups are more tolerant of, and sympathetic to, advocacy campaigns and tactics than others.

This is different from other competitor as Groom Ride is very focus and specialist in mobile service without taking care of any permanent shops. They provide service in special made-coffin and pets buried with tombstone created Appendix 5. You can do this by ranking and sorting, voting, or by discussion and agreement.

When the media is controlled, the message and delivery of an advocacy campaign is limited. Pet insurance was introduced in year under Kurnia pet care insurance Winnie Yeoh, Groom Ride is using SWOT four factors to find out the right balance of build-up strength and eliminate weaknesses.

Pets grooming is a service business that do not require inventory and high cost. This statement is able to become a unique marketing technique for Groom Ride to move forward.

Pest Analysis Of Pet Grooming. The researchers agreed to talk about proper waste segregation in pet grooming and wellness facilities. Since its becoming a trend to pet owners to have their pets groomed by reputable groomers. Introduction Pet Grooming and Wellness Facilities offers a wide range of services for dogs and for their owner’s satisfaction.

The facility offers dog bathing, nail. PESTLE - External Analysis Category: A Primary Tool. Description and Purpose: The PESTLE analysis is a commonly used tool that sorts and analyses key factors from the external environmental that could impact upon the advocacy campaign.

This report on Pet Grooming & Boarding: Provides Market Size information to assist with planning and strategic decisions. Includes the necessary information to perform SWOT, PEST and STEER analysis.

PEST analysis is the macro-environmental factors that will influence the companies like groomers capability to provide the products and services it offers to its customers (Jobber ).

These external environmental factors are difficult to control or influence whereas the elements explained by SWOT. The Pet Grooming and Boarding industry has nearly doubled over the past decade. Demand for pet grooming, boarding, training and walking is at an all-time high due to rising pet ownership, improved disposable income and changing consumer preferences regarding pet care.

The research and analysis is then used to evaluate the market for potential in pet grooming service. “Hong Kong is such a cramped place that it is surprising to learn that we have hundreds of thousands of dogs sharing our city with us”, according to South China Morning Post (, p).

Pest analysis for dog grooming
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