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Poker Strategy With Reid Young: Game Theory vs. Pot Odds

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Chris Ferguson

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It had been a boring day. Remember, applying Game Theory is even more effective against weak opposition — find out which is the best place to find those easy to exploit opponents in our Best Poker Tournament Sites section. THE ENDGAME IN POKER Chris Ferguson, Full Tilt Poker Tom Ferguson, Mathematics, UCLA Abstract.

The simple two-person poker model, known as Basic Endgame, may be described as follows.

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With a certain probability known to both players, Player I is dealt guished existence in the game theory literature.

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Game Theory – What it is and how to apply in Poker

Thomas S. Ferguson is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics at the Two-Person Poker Models", with Chris Ferguson and Céphas Gawargy, Game Theory and Applications "On the Borel and von Neumann Poker Models", with Chris Ferguson, Game Theory and Applications, 9 (),Nova.

Chris Ferguson poker player profile. A strong understanding of the mathematics of poker along with his knowledge of game theory allowed Chris to take a very analytical approach to the game and.

The interesting math of poker is not related with mundane matters of probabilities, pot odds, etc. The interesting math is the math behind bluffing, calling, and value-playing. BTW, there is a math essay by Chris Ferguson about game theory and poker.

Math essay chris ferguson game theory poker
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